S   P   A   ~    Z   O   N   E
A fun and healthy way to promote your business!

15 minutes of chair massage has the ability to magically clarify attitude, intellect and creativity. For many, chair massage is their introduction to massage. Stiff muscles become supple, blocked energy becomes fluid, and vibrancy is restored. In the workplace, it provides an environment for reconnecting with personal peace and inner harmony. Returning to a stimulating work environment is much more manageable as stress is reduced and inner balance restored.

Business owners, managers and HR departments are familiar with the many popular aspects of providing massage in the workplace:
  •  inspires employee appreciation
  •  increases work productivity
  •  helps others to get through tight deadlines and tough work periods
  •  makes special events more special
  •  decreases stiffness and rejuvenate during long meetings and conventions
  •  increases employee retention
  •  increases employee morale
  •  decreases absenteeism

What's not to like !
And as a business owner, promoting your business to customers is easy with our unique "spa-station", a portable massage-chair treatment area.
It gives you a promotional tool that is fun and healthy!
Spa~Zone can set up stations for pre and post event athletic events as well. And we are available to set up in gyms, homes for the elderly, hospital staff break-areas, health-food stores, coffee houses, anywhere!

State Registered Massage Therapist Leslie Dailey is an Insured member of American Massage Therapy Association, and started her own practice in 1990. Passing an AMTA Certification exam in '92
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